Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RAW Comedy cruise.

I'm gonna be a part of the RAW Comedy Cruise on may 15th. It's a 24 hour cruise on a ship between Stockholm and Helsinki where some 30 comedians from Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway and the UK will be performing. I think I'm doing 3 sets and at least one of them is gonna be in english.

Tickets here.

Yesterday Donnell Rawlings put me onstage at the Laugh Lounge and i have to say that was one of the top shows I've seen since coming here. He did a lot of material and he was extremely funny. I didn't catch all the other comics, since I had some SMS-business that needed taking care of outside, but the ones i saw really killed. Rob Cantrell did a great set and Yannis Pappas did a fantastic one too. Mine wasn't all bad either. I'm slowly getting comfortable.

Now, dinner. Or is it lunch?

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