Friday, February 13, 2009

Zink Bar.

A great little jazzbar on West 3d street. The kind of place you might think of when you think of a small cozy club that has live music every night. Small wooden tables with 3 chairs around each so that everybody gets to see the stage. Red velvet backdrop and some instruments on stage. Top that of with a manager named Jean-Claude in a very stylish black and white checkered jacket and you have the Zink bar. Awsome place!

Jordon Ferber hosted the show and did it well. I was on first and i did a pretty good set. Tried some of the stuff about american presidents that I've been doing in Sweden. Worked like a charm... Here they seem to know who most of the presidents are... Looking forward to doing more of that.

Not today though... My cold is finally starting to get a little better. Think I'm gonna stay in bed today and tomorrow and then do some open mic on sunday. On monday i have a gig at the Laugh Lounge with Yannis.

I had another spot yesterday, but i didn't make it there in time... Maybe that was just as good. Gave me a chance to get some more sleep. Probably better in the long run to get rid of this cold.

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