Thursday, March 12, 2009

New dates in Stockholm, London and New York.

I just updated my calendar with gigs where I will do my stuff in english. Some in Stockholm and some in London, where I will spend a couple of days to do comedy in june. You will find a calendar at the bottom of this page where i post all my gigs in english.

Tonight I'm probably going to Comedy Cellar to watch some comedy at 11pm. Before that I might do an open mic, just to try and get the flow back before the gig in Hoboken on saturday.

The day will be spent trying to teach my voicerecognition software dirty words. Bought it yesterday and I think it will be a fantastic way to work, once I get it to dictate correctly. Just imagine being able to walk around the appartment just talking to the computer and get it all jotted down.

My N.Y gigs