Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They were drunk. Really drunk.

The set at Europa went well although we had to rush from there to The Village Lantern so Yannis missed his set. In retrospect i think he would have rather stayed behind. The audience at our second gig was very, very drunk. And loud... And drunk, did i mention that?

It's rare that you see an audience behaving like that. They really didn't give any of the comics before me a chance to do anything. If it would have been in Sweden I probably would have just walked off the stage, but hey, I'm here for the challenge. Somehow i actually got the two loudest drunks to shut up. Edited what little material I did out of there and kept some 7 minutes of me trying to stop hecklers. I really have no patience with audiences being like that, but somehow i kinda enjoyed it yesterday. Hope you do to.

My N.Y gigs