Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fantastic open mic.

As I said i had some new stuff i wanted to try before the midnightgig at Eastville (wich was good gig) so I went down to Comedy Corner and paid my 5 bucks for 5 minutes of stagetime. The only audience at most open mics are other comics, who also pay to get stagetime and the crowds are usually tiny. Yesterday was no exception to this.

Soran and David came down too and we sat through the entire thing. Most of the comedy we saw was pretty horrible, but there was some good stuff too. I was on like 4th or 5th and really only wanted to try the new stuff.

After I was done the hostess went onstage and said something like this:

"I am a republican and America is a zionist country. Have you ever had rockets rain down on your house? You can't do that material here. Maybe in Sweden you can, but not here."

To that i replied:

"Thats why I'm doing it here. That's what comedy is all about."

She came back with:

"Well, it helps if it's funny"

Those of you who know me, know that i don't care too much about being funny.... But anyway, here is what i did. Enjoy:

After that, Soran took the stage and apparently had a very good time at my expense. Not that i agree about the Richard Pryor thing, but it sure was a gig to remember and I'm glad Soran and David was there to share it with me.

I did tape the gig at Eastville too, but somebody got in the way of the camera and the audio wasn't that good, so I won't post it. Gig at Sound Fix tomorrow night. I will post that.

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