Thursday, January 15, 2009

Relaxing today.

I ended up not working yesterday, instead I went to a small room called Haiku and enjoyed a nice show with a couple of really good sets and a couple of not so good sets. Today I've been having a hard time getting anything at all done. Ended up watching Comedy Central's roast of Bog Saget. Some truly fantastic stuff on that. Gonna be hard to compete with when we do a series of roasts for Swedish TV in a little over a month.

I only have two more booked spots left before i have to go back to Sweden for some work (gotta do some paid work too from time to time) saturday I do another midnightshow at Eastville Comedy Club and Sunday I'm in Brooklyn. I might do something tomorrow and monday as well, but nothing booked, so it's gonna be open mics in that case. Tuesday it's time for Danko Jones who is in town and on wednesday we head for sweden and almost two weeks of work before we go back here on the 5th of february again.

My N.Y gigs