Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First gig done.

Just as my dinner arrived yesterday I got a message from Yannis to be at The Comedy Dungeon at 8.30 so thats what i did. It was a very small place in the basement of a hostel and not very many people at all. I just love those gigs.

Yannis did 10 minutes and tried some new stuff and after that i did 10 aswell. Tried some newly written and translated some on the spot. Worked out ok although my english is very rusty at the moment. A few more spots and i think i will be fine.

Now it's time to do the landry, and by do I mean go leave it somewhere where somebody else will do it for me. There are hundreds of those places around here. After that I gotta sort out our internetconnection. It's not working so I'm using a friendly neighbours. A friendly neighbour who doesn't know that, of course.

Probably gonna do an open mic tonight but that depends on how long this internetbusiness is gonna take.

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