Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gig #2

If the room on gig no 1 was small, the room yesterday was ultrasmall. And lovely. I did lots of gigs in tiny, tiny rooms when i went to london a few years back. The big difference here is that all the comics yesterday were good.

Sodomising a cockroach with a toothpick. That line made my entire night. Thanks Yannis.

My set went well actually. I'm slowly beginning to feel comfortable speeking english on stage. A few more spots and I think it's gonna feel fine. Not there yet though. I did 15 minutes (sorry for staying up there to long) with a good mix of translated and new stuff. Now I'm gonna go for a beer and do some more writing. Probably not working tonight, but i might go to an open mic just to keep the momentum. Updated the calendar with a few more gigs. Midnight gigs this friday and saturday. That should be fun.

My N.Y gigs